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Product quality commitment:
1. The manufacture and testing of products conform to national standards.
2. The product is tested by professional inspectors to ensure that the various indicators of the product reach your requirements.
3. If the products we bring to us have quality problems during the warranty period, we are willing to assume all duties.

Technical Services:
1. Technical solution design: Bring the perfect solution to the user by understanding the user's needs and the existing objective conditions;
2. Construction technical guidance: During the implementation of the project, there are special technical personnel to ensure the quality of the project;
3. Bringing consultation: Bring technical consultation to users without leaking the technical secrets of our company;
4. User training: After the project is implemented, the user will be trained in use.

Pre-sale service:
Set up a special sales service organization, the company will arrange relevant professionals to be responsible for the correct and timely use.

In-sale service:
In order to prevent unnecessary loss caused by improper use of the user, the company will send relevant technical personnel to the grassroots to provide technical guidance to the user during the use of the product. Make sure that the product is used correctly and that users are safe and secure.

After sales service:
Call the after-sales service hotline, our company responds to the maintenance service within 2 hours, arrives at the on-site maintenance in time, better does the product after-sales service, and receives the feedback from the user and solves the problem.

After-sales service statement:
The services provided by the company are free services.